Trying to sell your Caravan or Lodge?

Found yourself thinking, "how do I Sell My Caravan?". You're not alone. Everyday, we have people contact us asking us about the most effective ways to sell a caravan. We have a number of solutions available. Take a look at them below!

Sales Services

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In this service, we manage all aspects of the Caravan Sale on your behalf. From taking photographs, hosting viewings, showing people round, compiling paperwork and communicating with the Park wherever possible. 

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Left Facing For Sale Real Estate Sign In Front of House and Deep Blue Sky.

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Want greater control of the sale? This is the service for you. We'll get your Caravan advertised to the right market, and you can host the viewings yourself and negotiate with the buyer!

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Caravan For Sale Skegness

Off-Site Sale

Need to sell fast? Don't want to wait? We connect you with hundreds of Traders and Parks who might be interested in buying your Caravan! Get in touch and we can explain how it works!

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